Ozark Horse Trader

    horse trader

  • a hard bargainer
  • (horse trading) horse trade: the swapping of horses (accompanied by much bargaining)
  • (Horse trading) Horse trading is, in the original sense, the buying and selling of horses, also called “Horse Dealing”. Due to the great difficulties of evaluating the merits or demerits of a horse offered for sale, the selling of horses offered great opportunities for dishonesty.


  • (ozarks) an area of low mountains in northwestern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri and northeastern Oklahoma
  • The Ozarks (also referred to as Ozarks Mountain Country, the Ozark Mountains or the Ozark Plateau) are a physiographic, geologic, and cultural highland region of the central United States.
  • (OZARKS) Where Claude Degler planned to have his “love camps” in which members of his Cosmic Circle could breed the race of fans destined to rule the sevagram. (rb)

ozark horse trader

Horse Trader

Horse Trader
Horse Market, Elst, the Netherlands 2012
Sony Hx20v Point and Shoot
On the first Monday of Sept. We have a big horse market in our village dating back over 1000 years, So it was a good time to go and shoot some horses!, But I ended up shooting more people instead

horse trader appleby 2008 001

horse trader appleby 2008 001
Horse trader, Appleby horse fair, Lake District June 2008